What We're Studying...

What We're Studying...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I've Made It Through the Moment

That's right. The homework is well on its way to being done and I even watched the session I missed last Tuesday girls. The homework was just as painful as I had feared when I shut it the first day and said, "I'M NOT DOING IT!"-but it has been very beneficial and allowed me to see that I have some bondage to these issues I have been keeping very hidden.

Love what Beth said in this session...

You've gotta get through the moments to get to your milestones. Good Stuff. God Stuff. Missing Stuff had I not let God deal with this and done my homework. See you Tuesday my dear, precious friends.

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  1. For some reason this study has been hard for me to get into. I love the video sessions but when it comes to the homework I find I am trying really hard to apply it to my life, I just can't seem to. Maybe it's just me. But I have looked ahead in the book and I think maybe the next two sessions might hit a nerve with me.:-)